About Us

About Us


We have experience to deliver the best service to our client business over 20 years!!

In today’s era when customers are spoilt for choice, it’s the service that differentiates a product and therefore it is vital that a firm gives importance to queries and feedback.

Shubham Communication’s telecom solutions will make offering customer service a cakewalk for you. For the past 20 years, Shubham has been associated with the leading telecom player, Bharti Airtel. Years of industry know-how together with adaptation to the dynamic telecom market has led Shubham to render services that has pleased countless patrons. The firm specializes in offering virtual numbers to handle grievances at reasonable prices. These numbers can also be used to raise your sale, since it makes order booking and giving appointments very simple. Government institutions along with businesses from private and public sectors have benefitted from our virtual number assistance.

We wish that customer care should not be restricted to big brands. Currently we are operating from Kolkata and we want to take our solutions to small and medium enterprises across India. Our services will not only lead to better customer satisfaction, but it will also aid companies to increase their productivity and performance.

For corporates, Shubham has a special deal with Samsung. Tie-up with us and provide latest Samsung handset to your staff at a discounted price.

Customer Testimonials

They are very Supportive. I am working with them for quite some time now and never had a bad experience with the payout and product support.

Simran Saha


I am 100% satisfied by Shubham Communication and I have recommended some of my friends also as their service and product knowledge is too good.

Monalisa Laha


Nice and friendly environment to work with. They are technologically advanced and innovative in their thoughts.

Tejas Choudhary